Narvan Maatilamajoitus

Meet the farm animals – accommodation package

This package suits both families with children and adults, and can be booked for a minimum of two people. You do not need to participate in all the available activities of our programme, and you can, for example, skip the morning barn visit and instead, take it easy and sleep longer in the morning.

Day 1

After checking in, you can get to know our domestic chickens in the farmyard. In the evening, you will have an evening snack.

Day 2

The day starts with a guided visit to the cow shed followed by a hearty countryside breakfast.  After breakfast, you will watch our clever chickens practising tricks. You may participate in feeding the chickens and collecting eggs from the nests.

At lunchtime you can explore the village and visit one of the nearby restaurants or cafés (not included in the price).

In the late afternoon, we will get to know the history of the house by visiting the barn museum, founded by the previous owner of the house, the exciting 19th-century stone-vaulted cellar and the solid 19th-century, granite-stone barn.

In the evening, you will have a snack. In the family package, sauna is included.

Day 3

After the farmhouse breakfast, you may wish to see your new chicken friends in the chicken house. Check out is by 12 noon.

Price: € 520 (family with two adults and two children, 4-11 years)

Services include: Accommodation for two nights, programme as described, organic breakfasts, evening snacks and, in the family package (for 4 people), use of the sauna.


Afternoon visit to the organic farm

The guests are introduced to the activities and cuisine of a modern Finnish farm and Finnish country life. During the visit, guests will hear stories about the history of the farm and see the 100-year-old main building as well as the 19th-century barn. Guests get to see the cows with their calves, as well as domestic chickens performing tricks. The programme includes a guided berry or mushroom-picking activity, or

another country-side-related activity.

After the forest trip, the visit is concluded when dining in the main-building’s dining room. If there are more than 15 of you in your group, the dinner will be served in the historic club house close to the farm. Mushrooms or berries picked by guests, as well as meat sourced from the farm’s own livestock, are used in the preparation of food.

Season: all year round

Duration: 4 hours

Participants: 10 – 40 people

Minimum age: This activity package is designed for adults. Children older than 5 years can participate under adult supervision.

Services include: Guide, equipment (protective garments for the cow barn and the henhouse, raincoats, baskets, and mushroom knives), three-course dinner prepared using the farm’s own produce and the berries or the mushrooms picked by the guest.

Price: € 152 / person


A day as a milk maid – workshops

Step into a world of culinary discovery with our workshop.

During this workshop, you’ll begin by discovering the process of extracting fresh organic milk into skimmed milk and cream using a hand-cranked separator. From there, the transformation continues as we create curd, butter, cheese, and buttermilk. Next, we’ll bake the buttermilk into quark, which will be mixed with whipped cream to create lingonberry quark. Whole milk will be coagulated into curd cheese and bread cheese. The delicious whey is used as the liquid for the hand-made bread rolls.

To conclude the workshop, we’ll enjoy these homemade organic delights in the farmhouse’s dining area.

No prior expertise is needed, and we’ll provide all the tools, aprons, and ingredients. The
workshop can accommodate up to 10 participants and will last approximately 3.5 hours.

Price: 48 euros per person (for 6 – 10 participants) or

285 euros per group (for 1-5 participants)

Together, we can gather a group of a suitable size and organize a memorable experience day!

P.S. Take the experience to another level by combining the workshop with an overnight stay in our charming chambers.

Gather a group of 6-10 persons yourself! Price 48 euros /person

Dive into a day at the farm, where you’ll discover the art of crafting milk-based delicacies and delve into the rich history of dairy. Perfect for groups of 6-10, contact us to plan a program tailored to your group and schedule.You will learn how to separate fresh organic milk and how to make curd, butter, cheese and buttermilk from it. In the end, we will all eat these homemade organic delicacies. No prior knowledge is required, and we will provide equipment, aprons and ingredients.

Season: all year round

Duration: 3,5 hours

Participants: 6 – 10 people

Price: € 48 / person

If the course interests you, let me know by text message or by calling +358 400 851 537.