Narvan Maatilamajoitus



Peurakota Hut

Peurankota Hut is located in a delightful spot on the rock. The hut is located 500 m from the nearest car park, which can be reached either by driving (5,3 km) or by walking (6,3 km). You can set up a fire in the fire place (bring your own wood) and even spend the night in the hut.

Address: Rämsööntie 339, 37370 Vesilahti

Coordinates: N 61°18.756′, E 023°25.128′

Skiing and sledging

In the wintertime, there are ski tracks leaving from our farm. From there you can reach Pohjankota Hut (4,6 km) or Kotkanpesä (7,6 km). If you prefer sledging, head for Impele Sledging Hill (500 m).


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  • Address: Ylä-Narvantie 5, 37370 Vesilahti.
  • Phone : +358 400 851537
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  • Tampere-Pirkkala airport 36 km
  • Lempäälä Railway Station 17 km
  • Bus no 55 from Tampere, bus stop 400 m